The Abrasive Brushing

It is quite important to brush your teeth twice on every day basis. However, have you ever wondered that you can brush your teeth too abrasively? When you apply too much pressure while brushing your teeth, you can end damaging your gums in such a way that the damage becomes irreversible unless you undergo a surgery.

Signs that you are brushing your teeth too hard

There are a few signs which can tell that you are brushing your teeth too hard.

  • If you see your gums receding, it may be a sign of abrasive brushing. It is quite possible for you to notice this change in your gum line.
  • If you feel your teeth to be too sensitive, it might be a sign that you are brushing your teeth too hard. This is due to the fact that receded gums allow the inner part of the teeth to be exposed to hot and cold temperatures.
  • The teeth’s area underneath the gum is dark in color. The reason is that this area is not covered by the tooth enamel. Therefore, the gum recession causes those areas to be exposed. Hence, your teeth may not look bright along the gum line.

Preventing brushing too hard

  • You have to make sure that you are using toothbrush with soft bristles. It makes sense for many people to brush their teeth using medium to hard bristles because they believe that it can help them cleaning their teeth quite effectively. However, such toothbrushes can result in loss of tooth enamel and recession of gums.
  • Instead of holding your toothbrush with all of your fingers, you need to hold it using three fingers. This way, the pressure applied to the teeth is going to be milder. Remember, effective brushing is not about applying pressure. It is more about the use of effective technique.
  • If you want to avoid brushing abrasively, you can switch to the use of electric toothbrush. The best thing about electric toothbrush is its cleaning action which doesn’t require a person applying pressure on the teeth. You will just have to guide the brush in right direction to complete the brushing.

What to do if your gums are receding?

If you think that your gums are receding, you first need to visit the dentist. They are going to examine your teeth in order to determine the extent of damage to the gums and teeth. If the gum damage is severe, you may be referred to the Periodontist for a gum grafting surgery.

If the damage is not that severe, you may be prescribed toothpaste for sensitivity. In this scenario, you only need to make sure that you are using right technique to brush your teeth.


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