Why you Should Scrape Your Tongue

While many Kennewick Washington dentists will talk to you time and time again about brushing and flossing, there is a hero of dental health that almost never gets any love. That is tongue scraping, and you might not realize what you’re getting out of this until you read up on it. well, it’s time to learn why you should scrape your tongue, and not just because it’s unhygienic, but there is more to this than that. It’s simple to do, and something everyone should have in their dental care repertoire.

The first, is that it will make the flavors of food even better. Your taste buds and other flavors will experience a bit of a shock when you first taste something after you remove the buildup on your tongue. If your tongue is coated in buildup, you’re really not experiencing the wonderful foods that you’re eating, and in a sense, you are missing out.

You also can improve your heart health. A poor dental routine does lead to heart disease, along with diabetes and even infertility. You might believe you have a great dental routine set up, but if you don’t scrape your tongue, just think of all the germs that reside there that are left uncleaned.

It can also prevent cavities. If you clean the tongue, especially the part in the back, it will get rid of the bacteria and toxins that are part of the problem with plaque. There will be less buildup on your teeth as well, which prevents tooth decay, gum disease, and even cavities as well.

It can help to get rid of bad breath too. Some studies show that most bad breath comes from a buildup of food, fungi, bacteria, and also some dead cells that stay at the back of your tongue. While your front part of your tongue might be fine, if you go all the way in the back, it might be a different story. If you see white, brown, or yellow buildup, that’s gross, and people can smell it. you might be shocked, but scraping that off can make your bad breath go away.

It can also help improve the immune system. If you scrape your tongue, you’ll prevent toxins from getting reabsorbed. Tongue scraping is crucial when you’re sick as well, since a lot of gunk from when you do cough, sneeze, or even if you take cough drops and some of the medicine can build up on the back of your tongue. In your mouth, that bacteria stay there, and you need to get rid of it. It’s simple to do, and really, when the flu season hits, you should strive to ensure that you take care of this, for it can make a difference in your overall oral health.

A final word on why tongue scraping is important is this final benefit. It will improve your digestive health. If you scrape your tongue and give yourself a clean one, it’ll increase the saliva production, which in turn will aid with digestion. It also will help with overall mouth health, since a mouth that is full of saliva will also indicate a mouth that is healthy and is able to get the gunk around your mouth out of there, improving your overall oral health.

Now, tongue scraping might seem like it takes forever, but that’s a lie. It takes seconds, and adding that to your routine is really simple. Once you see it come off, you’ll realize just what you’ve been missing. If you want a good tongue scraper, get a Dr. Tung’s, which is a stainless steel scraper. It’s a very gentle and deep scraper, and it has some deep cleaning. Other tongue scrapers have ridges which can irritate. You should choose one that will feel good when you use it, and if you do need further help on this, or if you want to consult your professional on the benefits of tongue scraping, you should consult your Kennewick Washington dentist. They can tell you right away just how important tongue scraping is for your oral health, and why it’s almost necessary for you to add it to your oral health routine.



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